Chisinau, Moldova

International competition of wines and spirits
February 27-28, 2019
We take the project to a different quality level and for the first time integrate the results of the competition into the international wine business!
We will create conditions under which assessments of tasters will be able to influence the formation of market prices and contribute to an objective assessment of the quality of wine, regardless of brand and manufacturer.
All results of our contests will be recorded on the blockchain in real time, which eliminates the possibility of falsification of ratings.
We invite you to take part in the competition!

February 11th, 2019 - for receiving registration cards (for foreign companies),
February 23rd, 2019 - for receiving registration cards (for Moldovan companies).
February 23rd 2019 - the deadline for the reception of samples is.
February 25, 2019 - participation fee
Failure to comply with the deadlines for registration and payment will lead to the impossibility of participating in the competition.

O.I.V. patronage
Register with three easy steps
3. Send us the samples
Send 4 bottles of each sample, including Sampling Acts and Quality Certificates from the country of origin
Do you need to go to Moldova to participate? - NO!
You can send us samples by mail or courier service
We get
your samples
The organizer guarantees payment of customs clearance, and storage of the samples before the contest.
We guarantee the quality
our work

All forms are filled online for convenience. We advise and support the participants 7 days a week
Transparent evaluation system and confirmation of the result
We send each participant a score of judges within 10 days. We send medals at the expense of the organizer by mail to any country.

Would you like to be part of the EAWSC 2019 jury team?

Fill in the form here. Your application will be reviewed by the Competition Organizer. The advantage is the experience of participation in regional or international tasting competitions, specialized education, as well as membership in professional organizations.
The jury separately allocated 5 seats for novice professionals under the age of 35 years.
Our experts
The list of experts is at the stage of filling
Jozef Kosarka
Dr.,Wine Writer,Member of Academy and Hungarian Sommelier Association
  • Graduate, Master and Doctorate degrees at the University of Economics of Budapest (BKE),
  • Master degree at the Budapest Business School (KKF)
Vladimir Striezenec
The technologist-winemaker, experience of 25 years.
Own production. Château Topoľčianky.
Participation in international competitions
  • Food technical school Nitra, Slovakia
  • Moscow State Food University
  • Certified taster
Vladimir Dmitriev
The technologist of winemaking and cognac production. Expert. Organization and support of supplies of wine products of Moldovan enterprises to profile enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Organization of scientific and practical seminars. Judging at international tasting competitions
  • Chisinau Financial and Economic Technical School, Faculty of OMOEI,
  • Chisinau Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Economics
Аnna Godabrelidze
Engineer-Technologist, Georgia Wine expert, Director of Vine and Wine Academy, Director of Georgian Wine school, Tasting Laboratory Manager, Vice-President of Commission BOISPI, President of Young Winemakers Union of Georgia (YWUG), Director of Tsinandali Wine School, Chairman of State Testing Commission. National Wine Agency

  • University of Montesquieu, Bordeaux (France), à Diploma of Master of Law, Economics & Management of Wine sector (Master II)
  • Nodar Dumbadze's University of Tbilisi, à Diploma of Lawyer
  • Agrarian State University of Georgia. Technology of Wine-Making, à Diploma of Engineer-Technologist
Vladimir Tsapelik
2000 – present – Independent Wine Club – President
  • Management, Consulting, Wine Tasting, Journalism
  • Consulting importers on best wines around the World.
  • Judge, International Wine Competitions (Emotions from the World: Merlot and Cabernet Together – Bergamo, Italy, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition – USA, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Mundusvini and Berlin Trophy - Germany, Vinandino - Argentina, Muvina - Slovakia, The Balkans International Wine Competition – Bulgaria, Wine Competitions – Serbia, etc.)
  • Reports on the Russian wine market for foreign companies, conferences and seminars.
  • Master-classes on Russian Wines in London, LIWF; Zagreb, Croatia; VinItaly, Verona, Italy, Grune Woche, Berlin, Germany, etc.

Miloš Michlovský
Czech Republic
Оne of the leading Czech experts in the field of viticulture, vineyard care and grapevine breeding. Chairman of the Board and General Director of VINSELEKT MICHLOVSKÝ, a breeder, an enologist-practitioner. Author's innovative technologies.
  • School of viticulture Valtice
  • Russian State Agrarian University, Moscow, practice at the Institute "Magarach"
  • Doctor of Science, Associate Professor of Horticulture
Experts of Moldova*
* The list of experts is being completed.
Константин Олару
Член Союза энологов Республики Молдова; Центральной комиссии по дегустации Министерства сельского хозяйства и пищевой промышленности; Комитета по технической стандартизации № 9 «Вино и вина, другие алкогольные продукты».
Генеральный директор, директор по качеству Călăraşi-Divin S.R.L.

Профессиональный опыт
  • Национальный институт виноградной лозы и вина, заведующий лабораторией" Жесткие напитки и игристые вина ", SA «Vismos»
  • Доктор технических наук, доцент
  • Авторизированный дегустатор
Ион Лука
Винный эксперт, основатель и генеральный директор VINfoteca&Co
Борис Гаина
Др. тех. наук, Профессор, Академик, Главный исследователь в научно, практическом институте садоводства и пищевых технологий
Профессиональный опыт
Авторизованный дегустатор
Ион Прида
Доктор технических наук, директор ITS "Oenoconsulting".
Почетный председатель Ассоциации IGP "Codru".
Член Совета администрации Союза Энологов Молдовы.
Профессиональный опыт
Авторизованный дегустатор
Елизавета Бряхна
Эксперт-винодел НОВВ, сомелье, ген. секретарь Союза Энологов Молдовы
Профессиональный опыт
Авторизированный дегустатор
Сергей Бабий
Генеральный директор "Barza Albă" SA
Профессиональный опыт
Авторизированный дегустатор
Андрей Чиботару
Винный эксперт, блогер
Галина Диаур
Доктор технических наук, зам. директора по науке и технологии "Suvorov-Vin" S.R.L.
Профессиональный опыт
Авторизированный дегустатор
Борис Замару
Доктор технических наук
Профессиональный опыт
Авторизированный дегустатор
Эксперт НОВВ

3 reasons to participate in wine contests

Medal Award
Recognition of the excellent work of your company's employees and high quality products

Negotiations with buyers
A testing room will be organized for buyers from retail chains and the HoReCa segment.
Tilda Publishing
The right to apply

the medal sticker on the bottle
Medal is a sign of quality and a powerful marketing tool in the wholesale and retail sales of wine
Irina Stefan (Молдова)
Директор PPE SRL
Julia Talmazan (Moldova)
Project Manager
Ромина Гарас (Moldova)
Program manager
Alexander Levshun
Technical manager
Grigory Chernomaz
Semen Labutin (Moldova)
Contact organizer
41/1, block C, of. 2, st. M. Eminescu,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2012
Phone: +373 22 22 20 70, mob. + 373 69504777
Julia Talmazan, Project Manager
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