Chisinau, Moldova

International competition of wines and spirits
February 27-28, 2019
365 samples from 82 manufacturers from 13 countries took part in the competition.
227 samples from Moldova and 138 from other countries: Romania, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Great Britain, Montenegro, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, South Korea.
The number of medals awarded was 109 (30% according to the rules and regulations of O.I.V.), of which 71 remained in Moldova and 38 were received by other countries.

O.I.V. patronage
Награды конкурса EAWSC CHISINAU
Our experts
Jozef Kosarka
Dr.,Wine Writer,Member of Academy and Hungarian Sommelier Association
  • Graduate, Master and Doctorate degrees at the University of Economics of Budapest (BKE),
  • Master degree at the Budapest Business School (KKF)
Chan Jun Park
CEO of Dlex international Co. (International Wine Marketing),Asia Director of Asia Wine Trophy, Berlin Wine Trophy and Portugal Wine Trophy, Director of Daejeon International Wine & Spirits Fair, Vice President (International Cooperation) of Korea International Sommelier Association,Founder & Member of Korea Wine Writers Club, Executive Editor & Columnist of the Web Wine Magazine THE SCENT (, Member of Korea Wine Association,Associate Member of Asian Wine Producers Association, Chief-Correspondent Asia of German Wine Magazine DiVin
  • Yeonsei University College of Law (Seoul, Korea)
  • University of Cologne Doctor Course Completion & Researcher of Criminal Law Institute (Cologne, Germany)
    Elbrus Ahmedov
    Engineer-technologist, winemaker with many years of experience. Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chief Engineer-technologist in Gyanja Sharab 2. Judge at international tasting competitions.
    Agricultural Academy S.Agamalyoglu in Ganja, faculty "Winemaking and viticulture" on the specialty of engineer-technologist winemaker.
    Alicia Eckert
    Executive director of wine competitions in Panama. Commercial representative of Argentine wine companies in Panama, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia. Judge at international wine contests.
    Studies of the Wine and Wineries realized with the world expert of wines and liquors Ing. Raul Castellani.
    Vladimir Striezenec
    The technologist-winemaker, experience of 25 years.
    Own production. Château Topoľčianky.
    Participation in international competitions
    • Food technical school Nitra, Slovakia
    • Moscow State Food University
    • Certified taster
    Vladimir Dmitriev
    The technologist of winemaking and cognac production. Expert. Organization and support of supplies of wine products of Moldovan enterprises to profile enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Organization of scientific and practical seminars. Judging at international tasting competitions
    • Chisinau Financial and Economic Technical School, Faculty of OMOEI,
    • Chisinau Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Economics
    Vladimir Tsapelik
    2000 – present – Independent Wine Club – President
    • Management, Consulting, Wine Tasting, Journalism
    • Consulting importers on best wines around the World.
    • Judge, International Wine Competitions (Emotions from the World: Merlot and Cabernet Together – Bergamo, Italy, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition – USA, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Mundusvini and Berlin Trophy - Germany, Vinandino - Argentina, Muvina - Slovakia, The Balkans International Wine Competition – Bulgaria, Wine Competitions – Serbia, etc.)
    • Reports on the Russian wine market for foreign companies, conferences and seminars.
    • Master-classes on Russian Wines in London, LIWF; Zagreb, Croatia; VinItaly, Verona, Italy, Grune Woche, Berlin, Germany, etc.

    Milos Michlovsky
    Czech Republic
    Оne of the leading Czech experts in the field of viticulture, vineyard care and grapevine breeding. Chairman of the Board and General Director of VINSELEKT MICHLOVSKÝ, a breeder, an enologist-practitioner. Author's innovative technologies.
    • School of viticulture Valtice
    • Russian State Agrarian University, Moscow, practice at the Institute "Magarach"
    • Doctor of Science, Associate Professor of Horticulture
    Valeriu Cotea
    Chairman of the Committee of Oenology at OIV, Professor, Prezident of Patronage of the Vine and Wine from Romania Judge of international tasting competitions
    Mariami Khomasuridze
    Engineer-technologist of wines and alcoholic beverages, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at the Technical University of Georgia. Taster (wine tester) in the State Commission for testing wine and sparkling wines of Georgia. National Wine Agency. Head of Quality Assurance Service. Member of the Union of Oenologists of Georgia. Participant of international scientific conferences, tasting competitions. The author of scientific works and the book "Technology of vodka".
    • Georgian State Agrarian University- Qualification: The Engineer- technologist of wine and Alcoholic Beverages.
    • Georgian Scientific Research Institute of Wine-making, Horticulture and viticulture- Post graduate student, Georgian Technical University.
    • Qualification Translator-referent (English Language).
    • Bachelor

    Enzo Giorgi
    Asessor Agriculture, Tourism and Culture at the City of Arcola, Directive National Association of Wine Cities " Città del Vino", ONAV Directive Delegation of the Spezia,
    certified ONAV National Organization of Wine Tasters, certified AIS Italian Sommelier Association, certified AIS official taster.

    Participates as a jury at the International Competitions:
    Wojciech Gogolinski
    Wines and spirits Consultant. Judge of many wine competitions in Poland, USA, Hungary, Italy, Germany and Portugal. Permanent Judge at Mundus Vini. Founder and president of the Polish Sommelier Association. Teacher of tasting courses for amateurs, professionals and sommeliers.

    Since 1991 a journalist and writer of wines and spirits. Co-founder and chief editor of the first Polish wine magazine "Vino", senior editor of "Czas Wina" (Time for wine).

    The author of several books on wines and spirits: Whiskey Lexicon, Encyclopedia of Alcoholic Drinks (4 editions), Brief Guide to Austrian Wine. Co-author of the book "Wine Knowledge". The author of the latest edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine. Assistant winemaker in 2006 at Auer Winery, Tattendorf, Austria.
    Dmitry Tkachenko
    Deputy Chairman of the Board for the production of the enterprise Odessa factory of sparkling wines. Leading researcher at the National Scientific Center of the Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking named V. Tairov. Process engineer with many years of experience (Plodmashproekt, Simferopol; Sandora Corporation; Ovidiopolsky winery; Odessa factory of sparkling wines). Referee of international tasting competitions.
    • Odessa State Academy of Food Technologies, specialty technology of fermentation and winemaking. Awarded qualification engineer technologist
    • National University of Food Technologies, Kiev. Degree Candidate of Technical Sciences (Improvement of the production technology of table red wines based on the carbon dioxide maceration method).
    Stefano Battistella
    Oenologist, winemaker, judge at many Italian professional and international tasting competitions, sessions of the associations Prosecco Brotherhood, Rabozo Piave Brotherhood, the Spring Prosecco exhibitions, the CRA.VIT Institute (Conegliano), etc.
    Export Manager for Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo: Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Polonia, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Argentina, Brazil, USA.

    • 2000 School of Enology and Viticulture, Conegliano, diploma.
    • 2003 University, Padua. Scientific technologies in winemaking and enology.Degree.2006 University, Padua. Oenology, viticulture and wine markets. The title of doctor.
    Erkin Tuzmukhamedov
    Owner and director of La Part Des Anges, Russia's only sommelier school specializing in strong alcohol. Teacher of spirits and whiskey in the School of winemakers, Caudal school of sommeliers, in the Russian Barmen Association (Moscow). Teacher at Cognac Educador. Judge of bartenders, sommeliers, wines and spirits contests: Bacardi Legacy Cocktail, Sommelier Union and Experts Contest of Russia, Wine Cart Open and many others. Author of 8 and co-author of 3 books about spirits: "Spirits of the World" (textbook in all Russian schools of Sommelier and Bartender), "Single Malt Cuisine" (included in the list of Gourmand Awards 2013), "Alcoholic beverages - travel notes", other. Columnist of Drinktime section (Ros Bisiness Consulting portal). Author of articles in Esquire, Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim. Ambassador of leading brands - Consejo Reguladores del marco de Jeres, etc.
    Experts of Moldova*
    * The list of experts is being completed.
    Constantin Olaru
    Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Member of the Union of Oenologists of the Republic of Moldova; Central Commission for Tasting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry; Committee for Technical Standardization No. 9 "Wine and Wine, Other Alcohol Products".
    Professional experience
    • National Institute of Grape Vine and Wine,
    • Head of the Laboratory "Hard beverages and sparkling wines", SA "Vismos", General Director.
    • Аuthorized taster. Jury member of many tasting competitions.
    Ion Luca
    Wine expert, founder and CEO of VINfoteca & Co
    Boris Gaina

    Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician, Chief Researcher at the Scientific and Practical Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies
    Professional experience
    Authorized Taster
    Ion Prida
    Doctor of Technical Sciences, Director of ITS "Oenoconsulting".
    Honorary Chairman of the IGP "Codru" Association.
    Member of the Council of Administration of the Union of Oenologists of Moldova.
    Professional experience
    Authorized Taster
    Еlizabeth Вryahna
    Process engineer in winemaking - wine-making practice for 38 years. Wine Coordination Expert at the National Bureau of Vine and Wine, Secretary General of the Union of Oenologists in Moldova, Chairman of the Tasting Council, Member of the Technical Committee on Standardization of the Republic of Moldova.Authorized Taster, Certificat Sommelier Européen A.S.E.
    Jury member of many tasting competitions.

    • Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Winemaking
    • Courses: ISO 9001 quality management expert
    • Courses: ISO food safety expert HACCP 22000
    Sergiu Babii
    General Director of the enterprise "Barza Albă". Authorized taster.
    Manufacturing technologist of wine, ethyl alcohol, distillates, spirits, brandy and divin, experience of 31 years.
    Permanent member of the Central Tasting Commission and the Committee for Standardization №. 9, work experience is over 10 years. Member of the jury of the International Competition "Golden Griffin", Yalta, 10; 7 participations in the Odessa competition "Odeskii zaliv"; 15 entries in the jury of the competition "WINIS & SPIRITS CONTEST", Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
    Andrey Cibotaru
    Wine expert, Certificat Sommelier Européen A.S.E. Founder of Fine Wine Media SRL, blogger Best blogger of the Year 2016, by VIP Magazine. Best wine journalist of the Year 2016, by Wine of Moldova.
    Professional experience: Wine of Moldova national consultant, Director News Department Prime TV 1, Editor Pro TV Chisinau, Reporter & editor BASA-press. Juror on international wine contest: Berliner Wein Trophy, Asia Wine Trophy, Bucharest International Wine Contest IWCB, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, etc.

    • State University of Moldova, Chisinau
    Galina Dyaur
    Doctor of Technical Sciences, Member of the Central Tasting Commission of the Republic of Moldova, Head of the development department SRL SUVOROV VIN. Professional experience: National Institute of Vine and Wine, Head of Laboratory, Deputy Director for Quality SRL SUVOROV VIN. Jury member of many tasting competitions.
    • Chisinau Polytechnic Institute
    • All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach", Crimea.
    Boris Zamaru

    Doctor of Technical Sciences
    Professional experience
    • Authorized Taster
    • Expert HOBB

    Mihai Bradu
    Certified European Sommelier. Professional Experience: Waiter Restaurant Symposium, Waiter&Sommelier Symposium, Wine expert(Sommelier) Wine Bar Carpe Diem. Judging Experience: Berliner Wine Trophy, 2017 CHISINAU WINES & SPIRITS CONTEST, Asian Wine Trophy.
    WSET, Level 2/4, Level 3/4
    Mariana Biricevski
    Authorized taster, general director of IM "Vismos" S.R.L. Judge of international competitions
    Anatolie Balanutsa
    Authorized taster. Head of the Enology Department of the Technical University of Moldova. Judge of international competitions
    Galina Polzikova
    Authorized taster. Deputy General Director for Quality "Kvint" (Moldova). Judge of international competitions
    Constantin Caldare
    Winemaker-consultant. Profesional Expirience: LION-GRI Wine Making Company (Moldova), Constellation Wines US, Dorrien Estate (Australia), Inkerman International AB (Ukrain). Judge of international competitions
    • Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Technology and Management in Food
    • providing education Industry, Specialty – Technology of Winemaking and Fermented products:
    • Title of qualification awarded Winemaker;
    • Title of qualification awarded Masters Degree in "Winemaking and Viticulture Management"; Courses of Wine Tasting,
    • Title of qualification awarded Wine Tasting Expert
    Svetlana Malanchuk
    Process engineer for winemaking (23 years of production practice). Authorized Taster
    Technical University of Moldova, specialty - technology of winemaking.
    Konstantin Stratan
    Winemaker, technologist, creator of boutique wines under the brand Equinox. Own production. Judge of international competitions.
    Vitaly Yovu
    Responsible for the production of the enterprise. "Vinaria-Bardar". Authorized Taster
    Technical University of Moldova, wine technologies and products obtained by fermentation
    Vadim Mikhailov
    Production Manager IM "Vinaria purcari" SRL. Organization of all the processes of wine production, starting with the reception / grinding of grapes and ending with bottling and packaging products. Professional experience: Foley Family Wines (New Zealand), Bostavan Wineries Group (R. Moldova), Taraclia Wine Combination (R. Moldova)
    Technical University of Moldova, Faculty of Technology and Management in the Food Industry. Department of Enology
    Mihai DRUTA
    Sommelier INVINO, president of Sommelier Association in RM, ambassador of the European Sommelier Association in Moldova
    Irina Stefan (Молдова)
    Директор PPE SRL
    Julia Talmazan (Moldova)
    Project Manager
    Alexander Levshun
    Technical manager
    Grigory Chernomaz
    Semen Labutin (Moldova)
    Contact organizer
    PPE S.R.L.
    41/1, block C, of. 2, st. M. Eminescu,
    Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2012
    Phone: +373 22 22 20 70, mob. + 373 69504777
    Czech - Moldovan Center for Economic Cooperation

    Varhulikove 1578/14, 170 00 Prague,
    The Czech Republic,
    Phone: +420 773 583 836
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