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Global trends

International wine competitions have today turned into lively wine championships.
The positive dynamics of development, attraction of highly qualified experts as judges, attention from the representatives of trading organizations and specialized press suggests that such events are an important element in the development and promotion of the industry.
The organization of this competition in Russia, which eventually may become one of the most influential wine-tasting competitions of the countries of the Eurasian region, is an important political and economic event.


Eurasia is the largest continent, whose area is 36% of Earth’s land surface. The population is more than 5 billion people (about 70% of the world’s population) living in 94 states. The economic potential of the region is huge and continues to grow. The Eurasian region includes most of the traditional winemaking countries.

EURASIA WINE & SPIRITS COMPETITION is the name of the International Championship of Wines and Spirits of the countries of Eurasia, reflecting its essence.

EURASIA WINE & SPIRITS COMPETITION is an absolutely new and ambitious project of the tasting competition, which is planned to be held in different countries of the Eurasian continent. Russia was chosen as the first country for the competition with Rostov-on-Don as the venue.

Project goals:
•formation and development of the wine consumption culture on the Eurasian consumer market;
•provision of wine companies with an effective tool to promote their products and their own brands;
•expansion and diversification of sales markets.

Project events:
•Tasting Room (B2B)
•Eurasia Wine Fest – side event (В2С)

Main aspects of the competition:
It is planned to hold EURASIA WINE & SPIRITS COMPETITION under the patronage of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), in strict compliance with the most rigorous regulations available:
•the quality of competitive samples shall be assessed according to the 100 points method suggested by the OIV and keeping the submitted samples anonymous,
•at least 2/3 of foreign experts in commissions,
•no more than 30% of the submitted samples shall be awarded with medals,
•50% of samples are foreign,
•electronic processing of results,
•high requirements for the venue and the level of organization.
According to the competition results, the samples may receive the following awards: Great Gold Medal in each category; gold, silver and bronze medals.

The task of the Festival is to introduce local consumers and HoReCa representatives with the best samples of competitive wines. The Festival Area will be open to all visitors. The visitor gives his ticket (votes) for the sample he/she liked. The samples that received the highest number of tickets will be awarded with special prizes from sponsors.

The EAWSC event will continue with the PR promotion campaign: press releases with results will be published, a film and photo reports about the competition will be posted. The winners will get the right to apply a sticker with the competition logo to the bottle.

The First International Championship of Wines and Spirits of the countries of Eurasia
•will become a very important event for the wine industry of the countries of the region,
•prove the high quality and competitiveness of products,
•will serve as an effective tool for promotion and sales.

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