The International EURASIA WINE & SPIRITS COMPETITION' 2018 "Georgia – Homeland of Wine" shall be organized by the Union of Georgian Oenologists with the support of the National Wine Agency of Georgia and under the patronage of the OIV. Technical Operator - PPE S.R.L. (POLIPROJECT EXHIBITIONS).
The wine samples will be assessed by an International jury whose members are recognized by their experience and professionalism.


The International EAWSC 2018 "Georgia – Homeland of Wine" is open to all categories and types of wines and spirits, as defined in the "International Code of Oenological Practices", which were produced in compliance with the legislation of the country of origin. Other special wines or grape-based products, must or wine, as well as spirituous beverages of viti-vinicultural origin will be admitted in the contest.
The wines and other viti-vinicultural products presented to the jury will be grouped in categories, according to the OIV regulation, being presented in ANNEX I..
Each wine sample or each viti-vinicultural product sample submitted to the contest will consist of 4 bottles of 0,75 liters each (in certain cases 0,5 and 1 liters bottles will also be accepted). The bottles must have a single use cork and must be personalized with their original or technical label, complying with the legislation of the country of origin.


Each wine or viti-vinicultural product shall be accompanied by a wine registration form, which will contain at least the following information:
•the exact name of the product in compliance with the legislation of the country of origin;
•the category of the product in accordance with ANNEX I.;
•vintage (if applicable);
•grape variety or varieties (indicating the percentage in which they appear in the wine);
•the maturation of the wine in contact with wood (if applicable);
•the available commercial quantity of wine corresponding to the sample submitted to the contest.
•This volume must be available in a minimum quantity of 1000 liters. In certain cases, when the production of a certain wine is extremely limited (wines of botrytis grapes, ice wines, wine collection wines etc.) such volumes may be of not less than 100 liters;
•technical data,
•the authorized person's name and signature.
Registration card can be filled online. The original of the registration card is put in a box with bottles. The deadline for accepting registration cards is October 22, 2018.


The samples may be delivered personally or by mail. The samples will be send only after coordinating the details with the Organizers.
The reception of the samples shall be done alongside the registration form and the proof of payment of the registration fee. The wine samples received without registration, according to Art. 3 or which do not meet the registration criteria, according to Art.3, shall not be returned and shall remain in the Organizers' possession. The wines accepted for the contest shall also remain in the organizers' possession. The deadline for receipt of samples is October 29, 2018.


The checking and registration of the samples shall be done by the organizers, based on the registration forms and technical data. The organizers guarantee the storage of the samples in temperature conditions ensuring a good preservation.
Based on the registration forms and on the technical data, the samples will be classified into categories according to Annex I; their order of presentation in the contest will be established in the decreasing order of vintage and in order of their sugar concentration.

Category of samples:

Category №1. Still white wines blended wines, varietals wines, high quality (aged and collection wines).
Category №2. Still rose and red wines blended wines, varietals wines, high quality (aged and collection wines).
Category №3. Sparkling white, rose and red wines carbonated wines, pearly (fizzy) wines, sparkling wines – natural and classical technology.
Category № 4. Fortified and aromatized wines wines from non-aromatic varieties, wines from aromatic varieties, aromatized wines.
Category № 5. Spirits brandy, divin type cognac, vodka, balsam, liqueur, etc.
Each sample should be accompanied with Sample Attestation Report and Certificate of Conformity.An individual Registration card is filled-in for each sample.

Art. 6. THE JURY

Each wine tasting jury consists of 7 members, of which 5 will represent foreign countries, and the other 2 will represent the organizing country, or of five (5) members, of which at least three (3) must represent foreign countries, and the two (2) will represent the organizing country. Each jury will activate under the authority of a president belonging, in principle, to the organizing country. Each jury must avail itself of a secretary.
The members of the jury will have to keep quiet and not make gestures or explicit mimic of their personal impressions during the wine tasting process.
After marking the wine, each member of the jury must sign his/her assessment sheet. All the wine tasting assessment sheets must be signed by the president of the jury.
The jury activates under the authority of a Presidium made up of three (3) members:
•a President
•an Oenological Counselor
•a Legal Counselor

The presidium organizes the repartition of the phases per panels of judges. It also bears the task of supervising all of the preparation of the phases, of judging and communication of the results, especially ensuring the absolute anonymity of the samples until the end of the wine tasting.
The presidium may decide upon a new tasting of a sample if:
•the president of the jury requests it;
•the majority of the members of the jury request it;
•there are high differences between the marks of the members of the jury.
The members of the presidium will not take part in the assessment process.
OIV delegates an observing expert for the entire period of the Contest. This expert may participate in the works of the various juries if he considers appropriate.
The hall where the samples are being judged must be isolated, illuminated and well aerated. The access of any person who is not involved in organization of the wine tasting will be formally prohibited. Smoking and use of mobile telephones in the hall will also be prohibited.


The wine samples which receive upon tasting the following marks will be granted distinctions:
GRAND PRIX – over 96 points
GREAT GOLD MEDAL over 92 points
GOLD MEDAL 86 - 91,99 points
SILVER MEDAL 82 - 85,99 points
BRONZE MEDAL 80 - 81,99 points
The number of distinctions (medals) must not exceed 30 % of the total number of samples admitted to the contest, according to the OIV regulation.
The winners of Competition have the right placement on the label of the product's logo received awards.


The awarded samples will be announced at the end of the contest. Subsequently, each winner will be announced by a letter, specifying the nature of the prize and the exact identity of the sample, according to the information supplied in the wine registration form and in the registration form.
As winning proof, diplomas and medals will be awarded winners of EURASIA WINE & SPIRITS COMPETITION' 2018 "GEORGIA – HOMELAND of WINE!" The organizers reserve the right to mention in any situation (printed press, radio, TV, Internet, presentation catalogues) the results of the contest, the names and data regarding the participants' identity.


The winners, who wish to reproduce the sigil or medal of the Contest on the label or in any other context, must expressly request the use of such right, an agreement being concluded for such purpose with organizers.The falsification of the sigil, its reproduction and use without the Organizers' prior consent is strictly forbidden and will be punished according to law. The false declaration regarding the minimal limits of the available wine volume corresponding to the samples registered in the Contest, as in art. 3, is punished according to the legislation, at the organizers' call. The presidium has the right to request additional laboratory analyses of the samples registered in the contest. The participant will be directly liable for all the information and date comprised in the sample registration form. The presidium may verify the validity of such information, especially regarding the validity of the information of the product marked as control sample remaining at the organizers' disposal. All the complaints and claims regarding the organization, performance, prize awarding will be addressed to the organizers for amiable settlement. If this is not possible, their settlement will be referred to the competent courts of law.

1 sample - 100 euro
2 samples - 190 euro
3 samples - 280 euro
4 samples - 365 euro
5 samples - 450 euro
6 samples - 530 euro
7 samples - 600 euro
8 samples - 670 euro
9 samples - 740 euro
10 samples - 800 euro
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