International Competition of Wines and Spirits
Moscow, VDNH, pavilion №10
April 13-15, 2021
Conducted in accordance with the rules of international wine competitions developed by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (O.I.V.); in which samples are judged by an international jury whose members are recognized for their experience and professionalism.
In partnership, ANO CENTER FOR QUALITY OF EURASIAN WINES is a unique demonstration exhibition tasting complex with a large-scale program of events aimed at identifying and promoting the best samples of wines from around the world for all categories of consumers .. The Central Committee's activities are aimed at promoting the best wines and is carried out in close cooperation with government agencies and industry experts from the European Union and the Far Abroad.
Holding a competition under the patronage of O.I.V.
100-point assessment system,
"Blind" tasting, no more than
30% of awarded samples
Expert composition of the international jury

highly qualified experts,
Master of Wine, Master Sommelier observers - wine bloggers
We guarantee the quality of the competition

all competition results
will be recorded on the
blockchain in real time.
Participate in three easy steps
2. Complete the card for each sample. Pay for participation taking into account discounts on the number of samples
3. Send samples, enclosing Sampling Acts and Quality Certificates from the country of origin
Preliminary application for participation in the competition
Enter your contact information
Full name of a responsible person
Phone number
Number of samples
  • agrees with the terms of personal data processing;
Do you need to go to Russia to participate? - Not necessary.
You can send samples by mail or courier service
We get
your samples

The organizer guarantees the storage of samples until the competition
We guarantee
quality our work

All forms are filled out online for convenience. We advise and support participants
7 days a week
Transparent evaluation system and confirmation of the result
We send the participant an assessment within 10 days. We send medals at the expense of the organizer by mail to any country
Preliminary jury list for EAWSC MOSCOW 2021
Head of the Tasting Commission Vladimir Tsapelik
president of the Independent Wine Club, member of the jury of international wine competitions in Europe and America.
List of Tasting Commission for EAWSC Moscow 2021
Vladimir Tsapelik
President of the Independent Wine Club
Наталья Сорокина
Винный эксперт, преподаватель школы сомелье Wine People, автор публикаций о грузинском виноделии.
Co-owner and founder of the world's only Russian-Swiss winery.

Томас Энтони
Mariam Khomasuridze
Engineer-technologist of wines and alcoholic beverages, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at the Technical University of Georgia.
Gheorghe Arpentin
Doctor habilitat of technical sciences, professor and public figure.
Arkady Papikyan
A famous Israeli winemaker, wine consultant.
Elbrus Ahmadov
Deputy Chairman of the Board, Chief Process Engineer in GANJA SHARAB 2.
Мамука Иремашвили
Tuzmukhamedov Erkin
Russian expert on spirits, journalist, writer.
Tatiana Mann Pakhmutova
Great Britain
Judge, International wine and Spirit Competition.
Thomas Doll
Chief Winemaker / Technical Director Wine guru of Germany
Artur Sargsyan
Is an independent wine expert, sommelier.
Игорь Сердюк
A pioneer and founder of Russian wine journalism, a well-known wine expert, critic, one of the creators and inspirers of the Double Magnum project.
Denis Rudenko
Russian wine expert and critic, member of the Russian Union of Sommeliers and Experts.
Karina Sogoyan
Wine expert, candidate of technical sciences, member of the Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia.
Vandda Botnari
Главный технолог «Кубань-Вино»
Olga Saprykina
Член республиканской дегустационной комиссии Узбекистана с 2001 года. Член жюри
международного конкурса «Ялта. Золотой Грифон» (2010, 2013).
Reasons to participate
The competition is a tool for the selection of quality wines from Eurasia and other countries of the world for a permanent exhibition-tasting on the territory of VDNH, Moscow
Recognition of the impeccable work of your employees and the high quality of products
Tilda Publishing
The winners of the competition are entitled to place the logo of the received award on the product label of the product.

The medal is a quality mark and a powerful marketing tool in the wholesale and retail sales of wine
Tilda Publishing
The EAWSC competition results will be the buying argument for millions of buyers.
Event history

International competition of wines and spirits EAWSC in Chisinau 2020

International competition of wines and spirits EAWSC in Chisinau 2019

International tasting contest EAWSC. Tbilisi, Georgia, 2018

International tasting contest EAWSC, Batumi, Georgia, 2016

International tasting contest CHISINAU 2018


Information support
For representatives of the Eurasian Union and CIS countries
RBA Group LLC - Organizer, Moscow, Russia
PPE LLC - Operator, Chisinau, Moldova
Mob. + 795 070 25 742 - Maria Lobodyuk
Mob. + 373 68 166 211 - Julia Talmazan
Competition coordinator in Europe:
Valeria Andronic
Mob: +420 773 58 38 36

Проведение мероприятия в условиях COVID-19

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  1. Вход возможен только в масках и перчатках.
  2. Всем посетителям на входе измеряют температуру тела бесконтактным способом.
  3. Необходимо обрабатывать руки антисептиком на входе.
  4. Обязательно соблюдение социальной дистанции 1,5–2 м.
  5. Экспозиции работают в полном объеме.
  6. Мы не рекомендуем посещать мероприятия людям старше 65 лет и людям с хроническими заболеваниями.

Иностранным гостям и участникам необходимо сдать тест в течении 72 часов до прибытия на мероприятие.

Что мы делаем для борьбы с распространением коронавируса? 

  • Регулярная уборка и обработка всех поверхностей с использованием антисептических средств. 
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